Monday, January 23, 2012

More Nye

I am on a Joe Nye kick. He is responsible for my most favorite bedroom. And I'm really enjoying doing another lap through his work recently.

Look at this pretty table vignette. Thoughts:

- I love the wall color in this room. It's like a soft mint. Perfect companion to gold.
- Fresh flowers in a blue and white porcelain vase is a fantastic look.
- Have you ever thought of getting a small piece of granite or marble cut to sit on top of your favorite table? Like a pink slab on a walnut table? Or a green slab like Joe did here? And Joe doubled his up. Granite/marble is pricey but a wee slab could really add a lot to a small piece and you can likely get one for a good price from a remnant slab at a granite yard. That's a good idea.
- I haven't seen a lot of skinny buffet lamps recently. Are people moving toward the big gourd lamps, even on tables/vignettes like this? I like that these lamps keep this look very tailored.

Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!


  1. He is just so AWESOME!!!!

  2. Hi Daniela-
    I absolutely ADORE Joe Nye. Flair is one of my favorite books. I love the cover so much that I keep it propped near my desk so I can gaze at it :D Long ago I called his store in NYC to inquire about those gorgeous carnation pink chinoiserie dishes. Joe answered the phone himself and he could not have been sweeter or more down to earth. I did not end up buying the dishes, but I can't recall why...(hideously exorbitant price maybe?) I'm still pining for them. I want to design an entire dining room around them. I could just pull up a chaise lounge and sleep in there. I would die a happy woman! LOL By the way... I love the vignette you posted here too. And I have gotten granite to use on tables! It's not that expensive if you keep the edges plain. You will find tons of cheap and pretty remnants out in the yard of your local granite shop.

  3. I love those pencil thin lamps! And Joe Nye.


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