Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Crush

Design by Tineke Triggs, Photo by Matthew Millman via House of Fifty

The hood/stove combination of this kitchen that I spotted on The Pink Pagoda this week is BLOWING MY MIND. That hood is enough to make me want to rip out my entire kitchen and install a new hood. And that's likely all we could afford, so we might just live off microwave meals after that. Details. Honorable mention goes to the hardwood floor, the cabinetry, and cabinetry pulls...everything is so well done in this space!

We went to look at flooring last weekend for our basement renovation and it was pretty overwhelming...but I think we're narrowing in on some choices. I'm hoping we move into the painting phase of the room soon! We have a weekend at home with no social plans, so I'm hoping to get many things checked off of my to-do list. Either that or re-run Downtown Abbey on the couch in my pajamas. Have a great weekend...see you Monday!


  1. This kitchen is fantastic, isn't it? To read more about its design visit the new issue of House of Fifty!


  2. Thanks for the mention, Daniela! That photo came from the new House of Fifty edition which is incredible. Lots of amazing photos and interesting reading!!


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