Monday, January 16, 2012

Vintage Lamps via Etsy

One of the things I obsessively search for on Etsy are vintage lamp pairs. Obsessively. I dream about all of the killer pairs that I find and I design entire rooms in my head around this old lighting. It's a lovely exercise in creativity.

With our basement renovation (which is really coming along thanks to Carter) I finally have the chance to bring one of these lamp pairs home...and there was a pair that I have been circling for a LONG time that I finally bought...

My new [old] lamps:

Aren't they SMASHING?! They are really tall and the most beautiful shade of salmon..and I absolutely adore their elongated ginger jar shape. I got them from a great Etsy shop - FauxBoo Finds - that specializes in vintage Hollywood Regency and Chinoiserie.

I'm thrilled to be using a vintage lamp set in our new den. Vintage lamps have a whole lot of character and can add such a delightful touch to a room. Using them in sets is my favorite way of incorporating them into a room. Not to mention that prices on a vintage set are usually much lower than what you would pay for one lamp new. Sometimes they need a little re-wiring, but that's a relatively simple task for you or a handyman (or Carter).

I devoted my January ideabook on Houzz to all of the vintage lamp pairs on Etsy that I've been drooling over recently.

Click here to see the full list...


  1. I love this post, especially because you chose a pair of lamps from my boyfriend's Etsy shop (URBAGE)! We both have Etsy shops so it's kind of a competition between once I tell him about this he's going to be so excited to have a leg up on me!

  2. Love these--so beautiful! I used to be ahuge fan of vintage lamps, but somehow slipped into a Home Goods lamp rut (I mean, they do have great inexpensive options, but...)

    Perhaps I will be inspired to go vintage once more!

  3. Love your post ~ Etsy is such a great go-to resourse for interesting vintage finds! Many thanks for including my vintage pair of jade green & gold pagoda style lamps!

  4. Thanks for the 411 on this Etsy Vendor! So enjoying your blog after having recently discovered it! I am a brand new blogger on the blog and am so glad to have found your site. Please stop by some time!
    Regards, Whitley Adkins Hamlin

  5. These lamps look amazing! I'm going to have to check them out as I look for inspiration decorating my space.

  6. Hi Daniela,
    I'm a local blogger and have been reading you for some time--don't think I've ever left a comment though. I think I have a bit of an addiction to vintage lighting myself :) Anyway, I've been admiring a pair of vintage lamps at a local thrift store (back room) for a while now. they're not for me though. They're white with a raised brown bamboo design on them. Very similar to your 11th photo (only prettier I think). Email me if you want to know where they are.


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