Thursday, January 5, 2012

Madeline Dukes and Jennifer Black

I came away from my tour of the Lowcountry with two new artists whose work I can't stop thinking about - Madeline Dukes and Jennifer Black.

Painting by Madeline Dukes

The painting above, Kiawah Thunderhead, is by South Carolina native artist Madeline Dukes. I spotted it in the window of an art gallery in Beaufort and I literally can't stop thinking about it. This image does not do justice to the purples and periwinkles in this very large piece. It's simply breathtaking in person.

More of Madeline's equally beautiful work, though I did not get to see these in person:

Paintings by Madeline Dukes via

Such gorgeous representations of some of the marshy landscapes of South Carolina.

I also came across the work of Jennifer Black in Charleston. I love her perspective of these same landscapes and ADORE her paintings of one of Charleston's quintessential products - the sweetgrass basket.

Paintings by Jennifer Black via

Such fantastic work by these Southern artists...seeing these paintings was definitely one of the highlights of my trip!



  1. I love the low country landscapes - such a different vibe than my West Coast view. My first view of these landscapes was at the Cloister on Sea Island. The public rooms have many gorgeous landscapes - a reason to visit there!

  2. Happy New Year! I love both of these artists from the low country, particularly the paintings of the sweet grass baskets. My sister lives outside Charlesten in Awendaw and we always pass all the vendors on the way. I am headed over in March and will have to check out the artists in person.

    1. Anonymous1/17/2012

      Daniela's blog about Madeline and I was a happy surprise to me when I unintentionaly came across it. It made our day! Then, I saw your nice comment - thanks. If you do get to Charleston, I hope you can stop by the studio for a chat. Jennifer Black

  3. oh my goodness those are great art finds!

  4. I saw Jennifer Black's work at the Red Sky Restaurant two summers ago and fell in love. She captures the lighting over the landscape perfectly.

  5. vous etes tres douee merci a vous


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