Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Crush

Photo by John Coolidge via House Beautiful

Everything designer Joe Nye touches turns to gold. The man is a genius. And this entry vignette is simply stunning. I love how the vase on the right echoes the shape and color of the lamp, creating an almost symmetrical pair...but not really. And the touch of pink and silver to contrast with gold and black is just gorgeous. Six items rendered beautifully.

I have been under the weather this week and am really looking forward to finally shaking this cold. In other news, I think Carter and I are going to look at flooring for the new den this weekend! Hope you have a lovely weekend...see you Monday!


  1. love this pic!!!
    Did he write the book Flair?
    Love! Carried in the store for awhile~

  2. Hope you feel better. Have a great weekend!


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