Thursday, October 27, 2011

Steven Shell's Painted Pieces

I've spoken of Steven Shell's line of painted furniture before - I've never quite seen anything like it. Did any of you High Pointers come across their booth while visiting Market?

Since I didn't attend HPM, I asked the company to send me some images of their display pieces to share with you guys...

I loved this pink dining room that was part of their marketing emails. ADORE the silver lion head on the back of the pink upholstered armchair and that chandelier is a showstopper.

Another, more colorful, arrangement from their marketing campaign:

A paisley-painted shelf and a variety of painted chests:

Traditional lines juxtaposed with bright paint and pattern makes these pieces so unique. And I have to say that I've never seen a traditional wingback chair with a tie-dye appearance:

Two of these chairs placed opposite a traditional, solid-colored sofa would really make a room.

Check out all of Steven Shell's wares at


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  1. Wow, their stuff is really nice and original! Im loving the pink dining room too! Stop by, Im having a giveaway :)


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