Thursday, October 6, 2011

Phoebe Howard Coastal Living Kitchen

This kitchen designed by Phoebe Howard is in one word, amazing. I am staring at the wood lower cabinets, thrilled at their chic look against a slightly different-toned wood floor. And all tones popping off thanks to the sea blue subway tile.

Photos by Tria Giovan (I think) via

Spectacular, right? I am seeing more and more designers choosing to do one color for top cabinets and a contrasting color for lower cabinets and I have to support this decision. Because it can create a phenomenal result.

More of this beautiful kitchen and home (the Coastal Living 2011 Idea House) can be seen via or Phoebe's site.

What's your favorite part of this cooking room?



  1. Love the whole kitchen, but my have element is that blue subway tile. It's so different from the usual shades of white and grey, and really makes the room!

  2. Such a stunning kitchen! I agree, the sea blue subway tile really sets it apart! I love the lighting too!


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