Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Moon Rugs

I am completely smitten with these beautiful floor textiles (ie. rugs) from New Moon.

Based out of Wilmington, DE, the company specializes in all manner and style of hand-crafted rugs woven in Nepal. They have a huge selection ranging from solids to traditional to Southwestern to tribal. Quite a gorgeous array of options.

The website says to contact them using this form if you want to purchase.

p.s. The folks at NM have no clue who I am. I just happen to like their product.



  1. Love New Moon's stuff. And they are a member of GoodWeave too, so no child labor!

  2. GASP! Those are just stunning! Thanks for the intro...

  3. OMG. Those are all gorgeous. I'm dying over that grey/taupe + gold number!

  4. Beautiful! I love these!



  5. New Moon10/12/2011

    Thank you so much for all of the great comments, we really appreciate it!!! :)

    -from the New Moon family!


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