Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jade Green Lamp

I came across this image on Pinterest a while back and I can't get that jade green lamp out of my mind.

Pinterest - Anyone know the original source?

I absolutely love a  jewel-toned green as an accent color. And the way it is used here, in a very small dose against white, is a perfectly dramatic execution. The lamp makes the room. Gorgeous, gorgeous. 

Lucky for us both, Etsy has a ton of options for acquiring a similar lamp:

Have you brought a shade of jade into your house? I'm planning it for my office/guest bedroom.



  1. Pretty sure this is M. Design, saw an article on them in High Gloss late spring/summer.
    Love emerald green; working on a velvet green sofa + curtains in schumacher nanjing jade for my living room.

  2. Found it! Molly, too loves greens! She has such a fresh, fun approach.

  3. Loved this post. I just snagged the greek key one for my nursery! Thanks Daniela!

  4. Love the Greek key one. I bought a pair of greeny-turquoise ginger jar lamps for my bedroom and love them. When you switch them on the glaze just glows.

  5. Thank you for featuring my Greek key lamp! Your blog is a feast for the senses. I love finding people (especially Latina girls like me) who appreciate great style. :)


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