Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Oh, to have a space large enough to create two seating areas back-to-back! And it doesn't hurt that both examples are waterside.

I l-o-v-e Phoebe's take at the top with a palette of greens and whites mixed in with wood tones and natural elements. The little sofa side tables are awesome. Worth noting is how she put a console table between the two sofas - adds some interest and height to the center of the room with the lamp.

The bottom example (sorry, don't know designer/source) is decidedly more modern approach to a watery view. That sofa is likely custom seeing as how it's two-sided and I don't see those very often. The furniture here is not quite my style by I really, really enjoy the crystal chandeliers.

In a large space, do you think splitting it down the middle with a back-to-back arrangement works? Or do you prefer to set up seating in smaller vignettes that leave the center of the room open? You know, if we're talking in hypotheticals?



  1. Great styling I adore this concept!

  2. I normally LOVE Phoebe Howard, but not a fan of that top room. I think I would like it better if the sofas actually touched, but it just looks awkward to me.

  3. The back-to-back sofa thing feels very much to me like a lobby - hotel, office building, whatever.
    Not at all like a cozy and inviting home. I would find it to be terribly awkward if I were having a dinner party.

  4. i am LOVING this concept!! great pictures!

  5. i am sick for 2 sided sofas.
    they are just the best!!

    thanks for the great post!!

  6. I love the back to back look--one of my favorites is Amanda Nisbet's livingroom--so dramatic and functional!

  7. I think they look like hotel lobbies, too...


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