Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dreamy Lilac Bedroom

Lest I allow a full week to go by without mentioning the current it color lilac/violet/purple/plum/lavender, I give you this completely dreamy bedroom from Phoebe Howard:

Image via

This gorgeous bedroom is actually one of the jaw-dropping vignettes at Phoebe's store, Mrs. Howard, in Atlanta. Not sure if they still have it set up, but I saw it in person when I visited two years ago and the space does not disappoint.

Some points:

1) Although the right shade of lavender can be hard to find in coordinating tones for bedding or accessories, you can always paint your walls your favorite shade and then keep the rest of the room white and neutral. 

2) My favorite piece is the wood chest. It creates a beautiful contrast against the pastel lilac and whites of the room.

3) As a piggy-back to yesterday's topic, Phoebe has the bed in the center of the bedroom here. I remember thinking that is was quite a striking arrangement and really liked it in person. What do you think?

Can you tell I really like Phoebe Howard? And lilac/lavender/plum/violet? Recurring themes on this blog...



  1. I just love it! The maple (?) dresser really warms thinks up. I am just warming up to lavender. I really still can't stomach purple but it is vignettes like this that have me rethinking the lavender/purple ban in my

  2. lilac could possibly be a scary color to work with.
    but this room is so soft and inviting.
    it really works beautifully.

  3. As long as the bed faces the door, the feng shui is good.


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