Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quadrille-Look Wall Stencil

I so wish I had the patience to stencil. I'm too messy and impatient, but using a stencil is a relatively easy (though slow and detailed) way to achieve a smashing look on your wall.

I found this awesome stencil below via Etsy - it's based on Fez embroidery and it definitely has a Quadrille look about it.

If you are meticulous, you can achieve a result similar to Danika's hand-painted mudroom which was based on Quadrille's Trellis Background.

You HAVE to read her post about how she hand-painted this wall. It will leave you feeling inspired and woefully inadequate. I am always STUNNED at what this woman can do with paint and creativity.

Have you tried a stencil in your house?


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