Tuesday, May 31, 2011

John Robshaw via Barbara Franceski

Those of you in the DC area likely know that John Robshaw spoke at the Corcoran Gallery of Art last week. I not only bought a ticket, but made a pre-show dinner date with DC-based interior designer Barbara Franceski to catch up on her recent accomplishments to share with you guys.

Alas, other last-minute commitments kept me from attending the presentation and said dinner, but Barbara agreed to give us a peek into her thoughts on John Robshaw's lecture.

Enjoy Barbara's post!...

Images via johnrobshaw.com

A BIG THANKS, Daniela, for this special opportunity to guest blog for Aesthetic Oiseau!

The minute I learned John Robshaw would be speaking at the Corcoran, I bought a ticket. His textiles beckon us to faraway places, so I knew his personal insights on India and Asia would be a treat. As one eye-catching slide topped another, I found myself wowed not only by the striking dyes and intricate block patterns he uses, but by Creativity itself. Vegetables seen in the local markets, birds, exotic doorways, even camels influence color palettes for his lovely designs!

Robshaw joked that camels being traded at festivals “all look like they are going to a cocktail party.” How could you not want to spend time there?

Being open to new experiences and opportunities is what originally led him to India. Instantly intrigued by the country’s traditions and great respect for hand work, he found local workshops to connect with and most of all, learn from...these same interests also steered him to Indonesia, Nepal and Thailand. In the mode of doing new things, his unique brand emerged.

His greatest lesson as a purveyor of all this beauty? Patience. Robshaw is now even having fun with fashion. Lucky is currently featuring prints that have been picked from his archives.

I’m mesmerized by how John Robshaw has put his own spin on “the fabric of the world” for us. All due to his penchant for exploration, discovery, and the vision to take creative liberty with generations-old traditions and methods. You can purchase his line (and enjoy more photos) here.

After the Corcoran event with John, who wore a blazer crafted from some of his gorgeous upholstery fabric!

Thank you so much Barbara!


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  1. I love John Robshaw's designs, when he was a smaller firm he did some custom rugs for a few clients of mine and he was very charming to deal with. His work fills a niche, wish I had been there. Thanks, Barbara


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