Monday, May 2, 2011

Jessie Lauren

Jennifer, of The Pink Pagoda, shared with me a fabulous online resource - the Aussie outpost Jessie Lauren.This online shop is FULL of colorful Chinoiserie wares...and they ship to the U.S.

The shop also carries colorful baskets, artwork, pillows...everything you need to add some fun touches of color and whimsy to your own space. Check it out...



  1. Oh goodness, there go my next couple of paychecks! What a fabulous find!

  2. A very BIG thank you for your post on our store! I am so excited to have U.S. customers! Also in love with your blog, thanks again for your support xx

  3. totally obsessed with the turquoise chair!!

  4. Gaaaah! What have you done to me, Daniela?! We are just now packing up for our Big Move back to Los Angeles and now I have a new favourite store here in Australia. Do you think Mr. Handsome will notice if I try and stuff some Jessie Lauren into the trunks?


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