Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fabric Crush: Indigo Tie-Dye by Greenhouse Design

I'm stepping a bit outside my comfort zone because this fabric is true blue (a shade I shy away from for no good reason) and its pattern is reminiscent of tie-dye. But, I've seen and heard that tie-dye might be the new "it" trend, and I like to be hip like the kids. I think this moody indigo could hold court quite well on a comfy armchair in a wood-paneled library. The perfection injection of cool in a serious space.

You like it too, don't you? Get it here...

Have a fab weekend. See you Monday!



  1. Love the vibrant, blue hues and the tie-dye pattern has such a relaxed, comfy look. Thanks for sharing!

  2. looks very relaxed and liveable. greenhouse is doing some great things that are budget friendly!

  3. Anonymous5/24/2011

    Some years back I decided to try indigo dye. It comes in hard chunks and only dissolves in fermented urine. I got all my male friends to collect for me and after a month I had a vat of about 6 gallons of urine. It was winter but I kept the vat over the pilot light on the kitchen stove to speed fermentation. The book I was using for instruction said if the dye vat started to smell bad I should add sugar to it. Well my dear if 6 gallons of fermenting urine didn't smell bad I don't know what would.

    Turned out the book was right. The urine putrified. I came home from work one day and that was it. When they said "smell bad" they really meant it. The dye vat went outside. I added a coup of sugar and in a couple of days it came back to life. White yarn comes out of the dye still white and while you are holding it in the air it begins to turn blue. Magic. Ann


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