Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another West Elm Duvet

West Elm did it again. I have seen another duvet that has me thinking I may need to redesign a bedroom in our house. Actually, this is the exact duvet I would choose for my non-existent beach house...the colors are perfect for a seaside retreat!

Do you actually have a beach house where this would be perfect? If so, I'm jealous. And you should click here to get the duvet.



  1. nope, but my parents do! emailing this right now!!

  2. nooo! I can't get ANOTHER duvet! But I NEED this....i really really do!!! So perfect!

  3. This would look great in my imaginary beach house, too! What are the odds? :) West Elm never disapoints.

  4. what a great duvet, love it!

  5. No beach house for me, but I love coastal cottage decorating, and have incorporated some of that into my home - this duvet would look wonderful in my bedroom!


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