Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coral Chandelier

If you liked the chandelier in this Friday Crush room by Meg Braff:

Or the one in this room by Ramey Caulkins that I spotted over on Shelter:

I have good news. A similar version is available from Ballard Designs for $300:

Go and get your coral on.



  1. I really like that chandelier...I just saw it the other day when I got their new catalog. I'm thinking of using it in my kitchen. Love the Ramey Caulkin's room.

  2. We love the chandelier, but that wall color if fabulous.

  3. The Lilly P. dept at Belks department store here has several of the ones exactly like Meg Braff's! I want them!

  4. i think the first chandie is the best.
    it seems to be 'fuller'



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