Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gold Stripe China Patterns

Y'all, I'm posting lots of china patterns these days. I love to look at it and find that this blog is the appropriate venue to show what I find. I can't get enough! I hope to one day amass a minimum of ten different patterns. One of my life goals.

So this time, I have found two wonderful gold STRIPE china patterns. I tend to lean toward gold versus silver when it comes to tableware and once you add a stripe, well, I'm all in.

First up is Serengeti by Haviland. Love the thicker stripe and the large gold border of the plates.

And second is Hemisphere Gold Stripe by Jean-Louis Coquet. It's a little Dr. Seuss, but juxtaposed with a gorgeous Chinoiserie dinner plate, this striped wonder would make the absolute most chic table I've ever seen.

I understand the allure of a simple gold-rimmed pattern but, personally, I need a little umph on my table and while I typically opt for colorful patterned place settings, these striped options bring home the glitz while sticking to a simple golden hue that can be mixed with my other (eventual) nine china patterns.



  1. those are gorgeous!!!
    I looove it!

    thanks and greetings from Spain,

  2. these are gorgeous...the second one is definitely my fave :)


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