Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Beds, One Headboard

I have always gushed about my love for twin beds in a guest bedroom. And this interpretation by Tom Scheerer gave me one more reason to love the arrangement:

Photo by Francesco Lagnese via House Beautiful

That shared headboard is wicked awesome (don't they say "wicked" in the Northeast? This home is in Maine).  Sometimes I am under the impression that twin beds only really work in a rather spacious room, but this headboard allows them to share a rather teeny wall quite well.

And on another note, I don't think you will ever convince me that an upholstered headboard and matching bedskirt are not chic. To me, the combo will always be fashionable. And I'm a huge, huge fan of tucked in blankets and simple coverlets...I sometimes love a plain, "non-puffy" bed for its simplicity. Like I won't drown in a pile of feathers while I'm sleeping.

Nicely played, Scheerer. 


  1. I'm in total agreement: love everything about this!

  2. Jennifer Dengel6/29/2011

    I am in agreement as well! That was such a smart way to handle the space. My guest room has twin beds which I think lends itself to a very charming room--in fact I call this room my ode to Parish Hadley!

  3. Such great use of a little space! I have to agree that pairing the fabric on the headboard and bedskirt will always be IN in my book! Thanks for sharing!

    Rebecca @


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