Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Makelike Succulent Wallpaper

I am considering wallpaper for our kitchen. Specifically, this one called "Succulent" by Makelike:

Carter recently installed this glass subway tile as our backsplash, and it looks AMAZING (pictures coming, promise):

So, I'm thinking Makelike's Succulent picks up the aqua beautifully, and the chartreuse tone of what I interpret to be abstract cacti plays very well with the greenish yellow tones of the paint throughout our living and dining rooms (connected to the kitchen).

I received the sample in the mail yesterday and it's pretty awesome. We don't have a lot of wall surface area in our kitchen, so the paper would not cover much. But it would add a nice little dose of style. But I can't decide if I should go bold with the coral/red, or play it serene with the gray. Our cabinetry is white, and our granite is black and we have a black/white checkerboard floor. Both options would look good.

Which would you choose?



  1. Both are gorgeous, but I really like the gray.

  2. Go Bold. If you don't have a lot of wall to put this on, I wonder if the repeat will get weird? I considered another paper from makelike for my dining room--they are SO gorgeous in person!

  3. The coral is pretty and punchy but I'd go with the gray.

  4. Go for it with the coral, it will make the black pop!

  5. I love both color ways, particularly the coral. You can't go wrong; can't wait to see pictures!

  6. Sheila6/29/2011

    Coral! It would look so great with your floors. I agree that it would make the black pop.

  7. Love that walloper! Both are fantastic...

  8. i love the coral especially with the tile! brava. can't wait to see it completed!


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