Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Crush

I love the balance of masculine + feminine in this room. The rich, neutral tones are the perfect backdrop to the colors of the modern painting. And I love the deep, glossy floors contrasted with the white textured rug. Modern, artsy, cool, etc. From Massucco Warner Miller.

I've been bitten by the house projects bug again. I've taken a nice loooong break from house to-dos, but I'm itching to get some items complete. Up for possible completion this weekend: re-painting the main floor bathroom (for the 3rd time). Hope it gets done. See you Monday!



  1. I just completed a condo for a man that reminds me of this and used a huge painting by Tracey Nicholas who I was introduced to by your post on her work.

  2. I agree with the perfect balance between masculine and femenine-great room-thanks for sharing-
    also, post a picture of your bathroom floor repainted...third times a charm remember!



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