Monday, December 6, 2010

Obama White House Christmas

If you caught my tweet on Saturday, you know that I was at the White House enjoying the 2010 holiday decorations! Carter got us tickets through his office, so we were able to visit the White House decked out in all of its holiday glory.

The 2010 theme is "Simple Gifts", so decorations included fruit, recycled paper and common objects, but the holiday glamour was not lost. Every room was gorgeous.

I'll quit yapping so you can get to the pictures, and you'll have to excuse the quality. These were taken on my phone* and I sprinkled them with a little Photoshop magic since many turned out kind of dark/blurry.

Lobby and Corridor:

East Room:

Green Room:

Blue Room:

Red Room:

State Dining Room:

Entrance Hall Foyer:

Seeing all of these lovely decorations definitely got me in the Christmas spirit. The Blue Room tree was my favorite - it was huge!

I finished our tree and decorating our living room this weekend - will share pictures this week.

*If you're asking yourself why on earth I didn't bring a real camera to take pictures....well, that's a good question. I definitely planned to, until Carter was misinformed that cameras were not allowed, so he told me to leave mine at home. Well, lo and behold, cameras were totally allowed. Luckily, I had my cell phone. But, it's battery was on its way out when we walked, blinking red light on its way out. Somehow, it lasted through all of my picture was a Christmas miracle.


  1. Thanks so much for the White House pics! They're great!

  2. I went a few years ago and it looks a lot more natural this year. Natural Home Magazine styled one room and used mostly natural was in their last issue!

  3. Amazing! I'm jealous.
    I love the pear wreaths and, of course, Bo.

  4. My daughter visited the White House w/ her class last week, and her only report was, "The tallest Christmas tree is in the blue room!" Thanks for filling me in on what she DIDN'T tell me!

  5. I had the honor and privelege of being one of the 97 volunteers responsible for decorating the White House this year. I was lead decorator for the Red Room and was quite thrilled with the end product, the result of a beautiful vision created by the White House staff and an amazing team working together to see the vision to fruition. I will have more pipcs on my website

  6. I have been scrolling through your blog all night. Such a treat to find you.


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