Monday, December 13, 2010

A Floating Chinoiserie Bar

I had a mini breakdown and my stress level elevated as I tried picking my favorite set of images from the latest issue of Lonny for today's post. The issue is amazing. And that is an understatement. If you love turquoise, you'll love this issue.

Feeling overwhelmed, I will just share this chic idea from the home of Angele Parlange. A floating Chinoiserie bar:

Image by Patrick Cline via Lonny

We know I'm obsessed with bars, and this has to be one of my favorites. Perfect for a small room where floor space might be tight, but wall space abounds. And the Chinoiserie flair completes it. Bar accessories, a cool mirror or artwork and some treats for guests to munch on as they walk by - noting this for future use.

Go. Lonny yourself.


  1. oooh I want those shelves!

  2. Anonymous12/13/2010

    More than a mirror, less than a piece of furniture. I love this idea and can see many ways to make this concept work ... I'd love to see it reinterpreted with an older chinoiserie mirror.

  3. Yeah I likes that too, but knowing me it would make me nervous in case my son leaned on it too hard. Lovin' the wall color!

  4. heehee...i likes that, meant to say 'liked that'.


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