Thursday, December 2, 2010

Flush Mounts

I don't like the name. Flush Mounts. Sounds like a toilet accessory. Not a light fixture. But alas, I'm starting to review the world of flush mounts as one detail I'd like to replace in our home are our hallway light fixtures.

We have two and they are both currently small glass globes with brass "holders" that attach to the ceiling. Our ceilings are 8', so my ceiling hallway lights have to indeed be flush and can't hang down. Boo.

I have yet to find a flush mount that I love that has a reasonable price tag. These two are contenders:

I personally enjoy the spunk of the first one, but Carter thinks it's too fancy (which is what I like about it - seems a bit much for just a dinky hallway light, but that works for me). The second one is definitely simpler and I like the brass hues.

Have you seen any great flush mounts out there that I should contemplate? Any good lighting sites I shouldn't overlook?

p.s. Both fixtures are from Shades of Light, my fave.


  1. Number one Number one Number one!!!!!

  2. I've had this flush mount bookmarked for a while and love it:

    Good luck in your search!

  3. Anonymous12/02/2010

    circa lighting has hands down the best lighting and lots of interesting flush mounts. All their fixtures are VERY high quality.

  4. I LOVE the first one. It's so cool and unique -- and it's hard to find really cool flushmounts, I agree!

  5. Anonymous1/05/2011

    Consider the California Sunburst from Remains Lighting. It's a great shape that can double as a sconce or a flush mount, and the faceted leaves create a wonderful pattern of light!


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