Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mrs. Howard in Charlotte

I mentioned Friday that Carter ran a marathon this past weekend. He was outstanding. Came in one minute under his personal best time, on a particularly hilly course in Charlotte, NC.

Now, let's talk about me. I trekked all over kingdom come to catch him at several stops around the route. It was part motivation to cheer him on and part having no clue how far these distances actually were that I walked miles on Saturday. And sometimes the walk turned into a panicked jog as I fretted that I would miss him at a stop.

During a particularly panicked sprint, I was hustling down East Morehead Street, but stopped when I saw this:

Mrs. Howard's Charlotte location. Home to Phoebe Howard's genius. So, though I was in a rush, I paused a moment to pay my respects. Thankfully it was too early and the store was not open or I *may* have ditched my cheerleading duties.

Here are some jaw-droppers posted on the Mrs. Howard blog from their opening last year:

Click here to see more images of the beautiful store...


  1. Yay for Carter! And thanks for posting these lovely pics.

  2. Way to go, Carter! Quite an accomplishment (for you both). I'm really glad the shop wasn't open. It might have made for a bad post-race scene.

  3. You are hilarious. Congrats to Carter and good work on multi-tasking!


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