Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Crush

Did everyone catch Jennifer Boles' curated sale of books on OKL this week? It had some fantastic offerings (which were all sold out when I got there). But, what caught my eye most was this fireplace picture at the top of the page. WOAH. I think it is Jennifer's actual fireplace, no? I'm going to assume that is an insane paint treatment. I couldn't stop staring at it. It's lacquered peacock with a hint of animal print - and it looks incredibly timeless.

I'm going somewhere very fun tomorrow and I promise a fantastic blog post with pictures on Monday - I'm sure you'll love it. Follow me on twitter @aestheticoiseau tomorrow as I'll share a sneak peek or two of where I am. Have a great weekend - see you Monday!


  1. I just had to post to tell you I copied the idea of the wreath hanging from the fireplace that was featured in a picture from a post earlier in the week...

  2. That fireplace paint is superb. Love when people do original things, and think of new ways to see old things.


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