Tuesday, December 7, 2010

AO Christmas 2010: Nutcracker Mantel

My house. As we speak. Nutcrackertastic.

Allow me to gush over my nutrackers. I adore them. This is the first Christmas that I have a fireplace mantel, so I *might* have gone a little nutty (pun intended) rounding up new additions to my collection for display.

I also love to decorate with poinsettias. They were my "theme" many years ago, so I had lots of glittery stems in storage. I found they were perfect for bringing out the red in the little guys, especially on display inside my blue and white chinese porcelain.

One thing I opted to do this year was to trash all of my faux garland. We bought a fresh garland at Home Depot, along with a fresh wreath (and our tree, of course) and we opted for only fresh greenery this year, and I'm a total fan. Don't think I'll go faux again (except maybe outside where durability is key).

Carter likes the stockings. Our old stockings were ruffled, polka dot, and there may have been some leopard print involved. He is happy to have this nutcracker pair hanging from his handiwork.

Tomorrow, the tree.


  1. Kimber McGallagher12/07/2010

    Daniela, it looks amazing! Absolutely stunning!

  2. Absolutely stunning...love the mirror and all of the greenery...I thought it was a picture out of BHG! And the nutcrackers are sweet too!

  3. D, that looks fabulous!

  4. Oh my! That is absolutely gorgeous! So classy!

  5. I love it, D. You've inspired me to spruce up my own mantel. BTW, Target has lots of cute nutcrackers on sale right now. They probably won't stand the test of time, but if you want to buy some on a whim. . .

  6. Gorgeous!! Still drooling over your wheat sconces:)

  7. Janet Marks12/07/2010

    Your mantel is gorgeous!!! You know I adore the Nutcrackers. I can't wait for you to see mine. It is crammed full of the little darlings.

  8. LOVE the decor! The nutcrackers must make you smile, they are so cute and fun!


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