Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Blog Design

I usually don't share my web design on the blog, but I work on some pretty fun projects. I get to design and play with color all day long, both at my day job and with occasional freelance work. I love what I do. I'm a lucky girl.

Thought I would share a very recent blog design that you will likely enjoy since you dig interior design blogs. I had the pleasure of working with Jenny of Jenny Castle Design on a little graphic facelift for her slice of the internet.

Jenny is located in the DC area and writes a great blog, as well as runs her own interior design company. Click here to visit her blog.

You might have also seen my design handiwork on Chinoiserie Chic and Kelly Green. Like I said, I love what I do!


  1. Seriously - you are the best! Your work is incredible and my blog looks a million times better! THANK YOU!!

  2. Daniela,

    Would love to chat with you about revamping mine...seriously!
    Hope you're well.

  3. You design gorgeous blogs Daniela! I did my own and can't seem to figure out how to put in a cool background image like yours. It's not easy at all!!!

  4. Oh and if you're interested, I'm doing a giveaway of my pottery on my blog today. Just thought since you live in the area it would be easy. Thanks!!!

  5. Daniela - Love what you did for Jenny's blog. Looks really fresh.


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