Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chinoiserie Screens

I just wrapped up a designBoard for Kimber's dining room, and I included one of my favorite items - a Chinoiserie screen.

I discovered these handcrafted screens on a while back and they come in several sizes and motifs at very reasonable prices. They are the perfect way to make a large art statement on a wall with Chinoiserie flair.

Some favorites:

I desperately want one, but since they are large, I need the right spot and have yet to find one in my house.  I'll keep trying. In the meantime, there are many many options if you'd like one for yourself. Go to and type in "silk screen" and you'll get a good batch of results from which to choose.


  1. Do you have another website for your design boards?

  2. I typically post them all on the blog. Here's a link to see past boards -

  3. Anonymous12/15/2010

    Thanks for the resource. I have the perfect client for one of these.


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