Wednesday, October 2, 2013

AO House Tour: Kitchen Remodel

Welcome to our kitchen:

Pretty different from yesterday's post, huh?

The renovation took us quite a bit longer than expected but I'm proud to say that with the exception of the granite, the whole kitchen was designed and built by us. We ordered our cabinets stock from Home Depot (Thomasville) and Carter and his dad installed them. Carter also did the bead board ceiling and the tile work all by himself.

Some before/after pictures for effect:

As you can see - we got rid of the bulkhead so we could get some taller cabinets installed. Made a huge difference! We had a plate rack at our previous house so we carried the idea over to this kitchen design - we really loved it and found it to be very useful. And we usually have more than three plates in it.

We actually chose to go with white appliances. C and I didn't love the stainless look for this kitchen - the kitchen was so small, we wanted everything light and bright. I also loved the black and white look of the range/oven.

Sooooo, I can't decide on the DIY fabric wallpaper. I LOVE the fabric and how it looks on its own as wallpaper.

But I feel like in this kitchen, the slivers of it are too small. I wish we had bigger walls to really give it a big expanse and not feel so choppy on the walls. I'm kind of lobbying to finish out the walls all in tile. But that won't be any time soon. I do love the color the wallpaper gives the kitchen. We'll see.

Our little kitchen is a very happy spot in our house. It's small, but all we really need. And I think we really made the most of the space and layout so we are happy with the results :)

Kitchen Cabinets - Thomasville via Home Depot
Floor Tile - 12" black and white porcelain tile purchased at Firuze
Cabinet Hardware - Can't remember, but this one is similar
Fabric Wallpaper - Formosa in Campari by Waverly (Can't find it online)
Light fixture -
Rug - eBay from this seller


  1. OMG what a transformation! I cannot believe you all did it almost completely by yourself. Bravo!

  2. Such a happy space Daniela ... I love it! xo

  3. I love the wallpaper and how it peaks out here and there. And your backsplash is fab. I love that you all did all the hard work!

  4. What a big changes! Looks beautiful. Enjoy your new kitchen.

  5. Anonymous10/02/2013

    I love the fabric as wallpaper. I am curious about the maintenance of fabric walls in a kitchen though.

  6. Love, love, love it. Such a happy room! For what it's worth...I would keep the wallpaper as is! It is stunning!

  7. I, too, love the fabric wallpaper. What if you made some roman shades for the door and window with the same fabric so that you get a bigger pop of it on that wall?

    1. might be on to something there!

  8. love this transformation! I love your choice of wallcovering! Fantastic and hip and chinoisiere!

  9. It's beautiful - while I love the wallpaper I think your'e right that doing it all in tile will make the space seem bigger and cleaner. Great job! PS - stainless steel is SO over rated - love the white!

  10. Susan G10/02/2013

    I love the fabric wallpaper and the color it gives the room. I think replacing it with tile would just take the joy out of the room.

  11. Wow: what a transformation! So bright and cheery and clean. I agree: white appliances are great...we have stainless and I have never, ever liked them (sigh..) Too late to change it all out!

  12. I was obsessed the first time I saw this and I'm still loving it. The "wallpaper" is TDF!!

  13. Anonymous10/03/2013

    I agree with you on the wallpaper. I love the pattern, and it is so pretty, but I think it might make the room too disjointed. I would tile the whole thing.

  14. What a lovely, happy kitchen you have! Just wonderful...


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