Tuesday, October 1, 2013

AO House Tour: Kitchen Before

Brace yourself. I'm not sure you can handle the beauty of our original 1957 kitchen.

I am all for vintage charm, but this kitchen had none of it. It was dirty (note the bevy of cleaning products in the 3rd photo), lacked cabinet space and everything was mismatched. It was gross.

For reference, that last pic was taken standing in the living room, looking into the kitchen.

We were so cute and thought that we could tear this sucker down and rebuild a kitchen in, like, 6 weeks. WITH NO EXPERIENCE. LOL. Good one, Shufflers.

Demo begins just days after closing in March of 2009:

Most people like to create open floor plans in their renovations...but we actually wanted to close the kitchen off even more. Not only to give us a big wall for cabinetry but also to create a cozier dining room. This last pic shows the wall separating the kitchen and dining room completely gone...

Only to be rebuilt bigger and better:

We were able to completely start from scratch with this space, which included laying down new floors. I knew nothing of kitchen renovation when we started this project but I did know that I wanted a black and white checkered floor in my kitchen. Why? No idea. But I loved the idea, and still love it now.

^^ Carter's dad, Jerry ^^
Who Carter gets his crazy good skillz from...my father-in-law can pretty much do/build anything. 

Oh hey, C.

Ta-da! Floor is in and we were able to lay it all down before we installed cabinetry so it goes nice and clean to the edges of the room. So nice.

Let the record show that my only job was to scrub out some grout after it dried and I managed to damage about 4 tiles with that little grout-scrubber thingy. High five.

Come back tomorrow for the reveal:


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