Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AO House Tour: Guest Bedroom

Welcome to our guest bedroom #1:

Our guest bedroom is a simple little space that is clutter-free for our visitors. These pictures are horrible at portraying the wall color which is a gorgeous seafoam blue color...might be my favorite paint color in the house. Maybe.

The curtain fabric is really the star of the show here. IT. IS. GORGEOUS. I found it for $10/yd and was positively giddy bringing it home for this room. I'll need to hunt down the name of it...

We moved our jute rug here from the living room when we got our new living room rug. This bedroom also inherited our bedroom set and bedding from when we were first married. Although I tend to not do much black furniture, I like how it works in this room against the natural golden tones in the fabric, seagrass chair (a Craigslist find) and jute rug.

I really love how serene this space ended up. I'd like to finish it out with a couple more touches but overall I want the feeling of it to be restful for our visitors and I want them to have plenty of room for their own things.

Coming Soon...(though there isn't that much in this room)


  1. Love the curtain fabric (& everything else!!)

  2. Beautiful! Cannot believe you got that gorgeous curtain fabric for $10/yd...what a find.

  3. Fab guest bed- I'd love to stay in there! I love the sconces especially.

  4. Gorgeous fabric!! Awesome price. Love what you have done. May I ask what the wall color is?

    1. Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams. Need to update my source list :)

  5. looks very comfortable and inviting!


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