Monday, October 28, 2013

AO House Tour: Exterior Before

Last stop on the House Tour! There are a couple more rooms in the house (another guest room and our bathroom) that I'm not showing you....yet. Will be back with future posts about those.

Today, I thought we'd look at a very exciting part of our home's journey - the exterior transformation. When we bought the house, I knew it had lots of potential...if only we could paint it. So I made Carter SWEAR that as soon as we signed on the dotted line, we'd line up the paint cans and attack the project.

Of course that didn't happen so for 3+ years, the house looked the same as the day we bought it. Which is how it looks here:

Our sweet little nugget of a house. It was a bit sad in this state but now that you've seen the horror of what was on the inside when we bought it, you know that a little cosmetic work on the outside didn't phase us.

It's probably a good thing that we waited so long to paint it because my thoughts of what I wanted to do evolved over time. So last year, we finally called up a contractor (for this project, the speedy turnaround and ease of hiring this one out outweighed the DIY glory) and gave the exterior some zhush.

Come back tomorrow for the reveal...

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