Monday, October 14, 2013

AO House Tour: Dining Room Before

Soooo, I know y'all have seen the dining room but for the sake of completeness I wanted to include it in the house tour. And I have updated pictures to show you!

As a refresher and for newer readers, below was the sad state of affairs when we moved in. I'll say one thing about our house - although it was a total wreck when we bought it, at one time, it was loved by its original owners. That comment has nothing to do with this picture...except that the sweet little chandy was a touch of their style that survived the mess of renters that eventually occupied the house. I like thinking about the happy times seen by this house before we came along...

Tangent complete. The room before:

Recall there was a wall between the dining room and kitchen that we closed up:

Here it is with new drywall up:

Sorry I don't have more exciting before photos to show you. As you can see, the dining room was really just a tan box. A great clean slate for me to work with and I remember being SO excited about putting this room together when we first moved in. A WHOLE DINING ROOM! ALL FOR ME US! I was a girl in love with her first decorating project as a home owner.

Come back tomorrow for some updated photos...


  1. eeeeeek loving those drapes! I can't wait to see more. I'm sure it isgoing to be fab.

  2. Love the blinds with the fabrics and greek key!


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