Tuesday, October 15, 2013

AO House Tour: Dining Room

Welcome to our dining room:

Here's one good before/after comparison of the wall that divides the kitchen and dining room that we built. Before:


Hard to tell from the photo's angle, but that's the wall all complete. Good decision on our end.

Like I said yesterday, this room is not new to some of you. And it hasn't changed that much since I blogged about a couple of years back.

It's the first space I worked on when we moved in. I was determined to have striped walls and since wallpaper was not in the budget, I whipped out a pencil, a straight edge and called on some dear friends (I'm looking at you Tyler and Lans) to help me stripe. The. Entire. Room. Just thinking about it makes me exhausted all over again. It was quite the endeavor. Worth it. But not sure I'm up for that challenge again. The adrenaline of a new house had me going the first time...

Most of the items in this room are vintage (are you seeing a theme here?) The dining table, chairs, bar cart, sideboard, china cabinet and one of the two black chairs...vintage. The dining chairs were a craigslist find that I repainted and recovered. The bar cart was given to me by my mother-in-law (SHE DIDN'T WANT IT! Can you believe that?) The china cabinet was a random purchase at an estate sale.

The light fixture source was a gift from the blogosphere. Read the post about it here...sadly I haven't been able to track it down for the source list, but it really made this room methinks.

The dining room has been around enough long enough that I'm itching to make some small tweaks. I think it could use some refining but it has served us well thus far. We're pros at cramming a dinner party of 10 in that tiny space.

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Paint colors - SW 6415 Hearts of Palm (dark stripe), SW 6414 Rice Paddy (light stripe)
Rug - Natural Area Rugs (I think we created a custom octagonal rug)
Dining table - Vintage hand-me-down
Dining chairs - Craigslist
Sideboard - Vintage hand-me-down
Mirror above sideboard - One Kings Lane
Cane-back chair - Vintage, purchased at Chartreuse & Co.
Chinoiserie fretwork chair - HomeGoods
Fabric on black corner chairs - Schumacher Nanjing
Curtain fabric - Vintage Greef pattern
Bamboo blinds - Overstock.com
China cabinet - Vintage
Bar cart - Vintage hand-me-down
Corner mirror - Vintage, left at the house by previous owners
Light fixture - Read post here, originally scored on tvstands.com (what?) but no longer available there...can't track it down but perhaps it still exists?


  1. Anonymous10/15/2013

    Love everything about this room love the colors and the beautiful chair in the corner with the asian fabric just the right touch it all works together quite nice. Good JOB.

  2. Tyler Irwin10/15/2013

    This is my favorite room in your house- and not just b/c I helped with painting!

  3. Looks so pretty! Good job!

  4. Dinner parties are always more fun and lively when people are crammed in, no? Looks beautiful!

  5. Yes indeed, I'm looking at those gorgeous stripes as I scroll down, thinking, she didn't REALLY paint those, DID SHE? Wow, I am impressed! Beautiful job. I textured (rag roll, 3 different sponges, 3 shades of golden yellow) our entire dining room up north. And yes, it was a labor of love and my favorite room in that house. Too bad you can't take walls with you when you move! So enjoy...

  6. Anonymous10/15/2013

    Really good colors and a beautiful room. Have you ever thought of painting the corner unit? it might be a little too much, but it could be spectacular.

  7. Beautiful dining room, Daniela! The green and purple color scheme mixed with the black pieces is so pretty! And of course--that lantern!!

  8. I absolutely love striped walls and your color palette is so fun!


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