Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rough Brass Faucet

This rough brass faucet available via Home Depot is technically for a laundry sink but, am I crazy, or is it really good-looking?

The scale might be a little small for a kitchen, but I would love this at a kitchen sink. Or maybe if you have a very cool bathroom this could work there? I love the tri-tone metals and the brassy-ness without feeling prissy. I guess it's industrial but I see it working in non-industrial spaces. And it's only 47 bones, so that's good too.

Am I wrong? Do you agree?


  1. I love it - you are not going to get that at ikea! :)

  2. Vickie H.10/10/2013

    I LOVE this faucet!!!

  3. You are not wrong. That faucet is pretty awesome! Good find!

  4. Now you have me looking :-) Love this one too...

  5. It looks great. I love the vintage look of this faucet. But I guess you can do some cleaning for it to look better.


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