Monday, November 19, 2012

Sadie Sconce

I've mentioned a couple of times that I'm using sconces in the nursery. The room has a rather large alcove that fits our changing table perfectly but because of ceiling angles, it's quite a dark little nook.

I'm never one to pass up an opportunity to install decorative lighting so I sweetly asked Carter if he wouldn't mind installing some (hard-wired) wall sconces for me and he kindly obliged. And them my search started and of course everything I love costs eleventy billion dollars and now that we're in the home stretch of the room, my budget is essentially used up.

The look I wanted was similar to the Bryant Sconce from Circa Lighting:

The price point isn't outrageous, but still out of my budget. And then I saw this gorgeous bathroom from Lilly Bunn Weekes in Lonny and fell in love with the tailored look even more:

 Photo by Patrick Cline

Well my search for budget lighting had me hit up Home Depot online and I was thrilled to come across this adorable little sconce:

It's the Sadie sconce from Hampton Bay and at $30 it was a great fit. And I actually liked it a little more because while it's still very tailored, I think its slight curves and ball tip/finial give it a sweeter disposition - perfect for the nursery.

My only dilemma was the finish, but we've found that several coats of Rustoleum's Metallic Brass spray paint gives it a nice golden tone that I can live with for the cost savings.

Now my other wish is to make the shades red (and you might recall me asking you about it) and I'm still not sure what a good option is. The shades are frosted glass so a little trickier to paint than fabric shades. Carter says painting them is a bad idea and it'll be hard to replace them with a different shade because they have a custom shape that works with the sconce. And remember that these are budget sconces so I don't really have room for anything other than just changing the shade it comes with. For now we're leaving them white...


  1. Why not paint the bases red and leave the shades white? I know you just sprayed the bases, but just a thought....

    You could also try spraymounting red fabric on and covering the edges with bias tape.

  2. Anonymous11/19/2012

    You should cover them with ribbon - just wrap is around the shade vertically. I saw it done on Sarah's House, so I got the Sarah Richardson approval. I'd try it first and see how you like the results. However, Jenny for LGN did a post on painting lampshades. I haven't tried it but I plan to during the holidays.

  3. we just painted some ceramic and glass lamps and it was pretty easy. since the shade is small in the big scheme of things, i bet it would be a cinch! we primed it first, with white primer spray paint. Then sanded with 220 sandpaper. Then applied LIQUETEX spray paint from michaels (have the most saturated, non muddy hues) until we liked the coverage. and then covered with a high glass spray paint if you wanted it. if you were to just leave the liquetex spray on there, its quite matte. may look good, unless you want a glossy sheen

  4. Anonymous11/19/2012

    I covered some glass shades several years ago for a friend. The trick I found was to use a lighter weight fabric (not upholstery) hers was a mary engelbreit fabric which was big at the time. A decorator friend told me to use plain ol' rubber cement from walmart in a little bottle with a brush inside. It is so easy and when your through it peels right off. Just a household hint.

  5. Have you thought of covering them with rice paper? You could do it with double stick tape to see if it looks good first and then affix it with something more permanent if it looks right.

  6. Love the scones! I think they look great in so many places. I can't wait to see your finished result!
    House on the Way

  7. Anonymous11/19/2012

    Go to your local craft store and use paint meant for glass. I have done this and it works well.

  8. you could use red ribbon around the base of the shade and top to add that punch of red. if you use rubber cement it would peel right off if you don't like! could you practice painting techniques mentioned above on a similar surface to see if you like the look?

  9. Anonymous11/20/2012

    Why not make little fabric 'toaster covers' for them using the same red hue you used for the piping on the nursery chair. As the shades may be difficult to replace in the future when your tastes may change, the fabric can easily be changed or removed all together.


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