Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Red Door

One of my dreams for our house has finally come true...we now have a red door. And that's only part of it - the whole house has been PAINTED GREEN! Remember how long I have wanted this? Well, after some discussion and finding a great contractor, C & I decided it would be worth hiring this project out in an effort to actually get it done.

And we made a great decision! The painting wrapped up just in time for Thanksgiving and Carter and I had fun decorating what feels like a new house for Christmas this weekend. The house is now Georgian Green by Benjamin Moore with White Dove trim and a glossy red door that Carter painted.

I got that fox door knocker from Carter for Christmas last year (vintage, from High Street Market) and am thrilled to finally have it up.

I don't have good pictures of the house yet...I'll try to snap a couple for you. But in the meantime I wanted to show off our front door that is even more welcoming decked out for Christmas.


  1. The red is just beautiful! And I love your foxy door knocker!

  2. it looks FABULOUS!!! Congratulations! :)

    1. Thanks, Kelly! Finally put that awesome door knocker to good use :)

  3. Anonymous11/26/2012

    I had sorta given up trying to decorate this year..that year end depression setting in but your door just set me right up for something, I don't know what. I had a red door in Birmingham, Ala a few years ago and our Realtor told us we'd have to paint it to sell the house. Long story short, the people bought the house because they liked the door!!Maybe, I'll wait and see what you do; your house at Christmastime always perks me up. thanks

  4. Love that door knocker. High Street Market has a few other vintage door knockers but nothing nearly as cool right now. The red door looks great!
    my morning coffee

  5. I love a red door! The fox door knocker is too cute!
    House on the Way

  6. Our front door is still.... boring black. I love your red: and not the typical darker, burgundy red. I love the brightness! Will you tell us the color??? After Christmas I will start sampling colors on my door; would love to try this one! thanks..


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