Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Crush

Photo by Laurey W. Glenn via Southern Living

LOVE this peach + mint Christmas arrangement from my favorite Southern Living I can't remember who the designer is in this story or if it was one of their own styled shoots...either way, this is so beautiful. I love to see holiday decor done in themed colors and these pastel hues are sensational...tones of mint and green paired with soft orange and peach is unexpected and completely lovely.

I was able to get about half of the Christmas decorating done last I'm aiming to wrap up my nutcracker display and our living room Christmas tree this weekend. Hope you have some fun holiday plans...see you Monday! (I hope!)


  1. I am so crushing on peach. Love it with green. And love your blog -- you are on t.he top of my blog roll. Have a good weekend. Amal

  2. Anonymous12/01/2012

    I love to mix in alternative colors on my christmas decor each year. Tiffany blue and red were my favorites, but one year I did hot pink and mint green. It just keeps everything fresh. Ofcourse, Red is always the classic!
    The Keeper of the little Red Diary


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