Monday, December 3, 2012

Golden Crib

I came across this close-up of a golden Jenny Lind crib and fell in love with the stunning combination of bedding:

 Design by M. E. Beck, image via Shades of Chic

What a perfect execution of neutrals! I think what I love most is the mixture of silver/gray and gold - it keeps the crib looking modern but the florals and bows make it sweet and traditional. And that khaki seersucker stripe is simply delicious.

It kind of reminds me of Michelle Adams' bedroom as seen in Lonny:

Photo by Patrick Cline

Happy Monday!


  1. I found a Jenny Lind crib for free on someone's curb.... I have always planned to paint it gold.... Just haven't quite gotten around to having a baby! Love this one!

  2. Anonymous12/03/2012

    Reminds me of Erika Powell's crib in her daughter's nursery. She also had a crib painted gold for a client. Love them both!

  3. Very pretty, but please leave off the bumper pad -- it is a suffocation hazard -- see They should really not be appearing in magazine and blog photos anymore.


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