Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Julia Knight Marrakesh

I bought a serving piece by designer Julia Knight many moons ago and it remains one of my favorite and most unique serving bowls with its varying tones of purple and mother-of-pearl inlay. One Kings Lane is currently hosting a Julia Knight sale and I fell in love with her Marrakesh Collection:

Talk about a great gift...any of these pieces would simply dazzle on a table and each one comes in 3 rich colors - azure, pomegranate or caviar. I always love receiving (and giving) unique serving pieces since I love to entertain but find that spending money on "unnecessary" yet special pieces is sometimes hard to do.

The OKL sale doesn't carry all of the pieces, but some are certainly available at a nice discount (not to mention lots of other pieces from other collections are available). If not, I found this retailer carries them all.


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  2. just snagged some vintage salt and pepper in a similar design with cobalt background. I was so happy about that score!


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