Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Paper Plate Thanksgiving

We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house. I love celebrating holidays in our home and I didn't want this year to be an exception...we're just making some modifications to keep it all very easy. Dinner will be more of a pot-luck style and I even promised Carter that we'd use paper plates for a quick clean up.

Of course paper plates does not mean Dixie or Chinet in this house...I'm on the hunt for something pretty for the table and am actually quite excited about the idea. And my paper products of choice are always Caspari.

Look at this eye-catching setting using their traditional turkey motif. Paper plates can look spectacular when styled with such gorgeous accessories:

I also really, really like this more woodsy take on the turkey - this one might be a contender:

Or check out this beautiful gingko and finch motif table...isn't it styled so well? Love the candles and tortoise glasses (I have the glasses and could get similar candles).

Or maybe I'll depart from tradition and go with a colorful ikat table with one of my favorite patterns:

I have so many fun table accessories like chargers, napkin rings, glasses, candleholders, etc. I'm looking forward to creating something fun by mixing and matching what I've got with some patterned plates, napkins and flowers. We'll see what I come up with!


  1. Hi: I just discovered your blog and love it! That orange is terrific! I tried to leave a comment on the newest post ,but it says that page is not available? You might want to check it out. As a former paper plate designer, your choices are wonderful: love that ginkgo and finch design. I'll go and subscribe now!

    1. Welcome! And thanks for the heads up on the broken link...I fixed it :)

  2. Tj maxx and home goods are overloaded with Caspari plates and napkins right now including the fab ikat patterns!


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