Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Crush

Design by Melissa Rufty, image via

White walls are not the enemy. I think a lot of you love a white do I but I think they can be challenging! Because you have to be extra good about what you put against them to really make a space come alive.

And Melissa Rufty (designer behind yesterday's amazing table) is really talented to this effect...the modern end table is just beautiful juxtaposed with worn oil paintings and warm gold tones. Pairing it with the natural rug brings the scene down a notch and a touch of chartreuse in the chair wakes it up. And I love the solo wall sconce...kind of a modified wheat motif, don't you think? Love everything about this...

Time is a tickin'...weeks are flying by at this point. The Christmas music started on my local radio station today and I couldn't be happier...and it's a reminder that meeting our little girl is right around the corner. I've relaxed a bit with the house projects but there is still plenty I'd like to do before she gets here. We'll have most of our weekend free, so I'm hoping to make some additional progress. 

Hope you have a fantastic weekend...see you Monday!


  1. Anonymous11/16/2012

    I think the chair makes the entire scene work. I love that chair!

  2. Interesting thoughts on why that works. I am not a fan of white walls in my house (fingerprints & scuffs)but they sure beat looking at the peanut butter beige that most of my neighbors have chosen.


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