Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sitting Area Inspiration

This settee vignette from Schuyler Samperton is so welcoming...and the perfect filler for a large awkward wall.

Let's study the formula - wall screen + settee + end table + rug + sconce + pillows. Not too hard, though let's be clear that what Schuyler has created is pretty unique and you'll likely not hunt down the same objects online for a steal.

This arrangement did make me think back to one of my favorite Chinoiserie screens so I thought up a couple of punchy items to create something like this for an imaginary large wall in my own house.

Start with this pagoda screen:

Add a settee in a happy green solid fabric:

With one of my favorite end tables:

A colorful red rug:

And a gorgeous wall sconce:

Throw in some pillows, fresh flowers, and accoutrements for the end table and you are well on your way to a gorgeous sitting area!


  1. i have that pagoda screen hanging in my living room! thanks for the ideas to give it some punch:)

  2. Thanks for your lovely post - I really appreciate all of your kind support!

  3. That really is a nice end table. I have a simple tulip table here that I like. I can see it with the settee seafoam green couch!


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