Monday, September 24, 2012

Nursery Block Print Rug

I want to thank the Internet for our nursery rug. I'm not good with rugs. I usually leave them for last and since they are usually so pricey they stress me out when it comes to budgeting for a room. And I love living right on hardwoods so I'm usually not in a rush to get a rug.

All to say that the nursery rug was no different and I kind of gave up before I even started on finding a good rug. And then the Internet helped me out one day when I came across this block print rug from World Market (can't remember where):

I had no idea what I wanted to do with the floor of the nursery. The room is a good size, so I either had to get a sizeable rug or just get a small area rug to accent the one open spot of floor in the center of the room. Either way, it was one of those "I'll know it when I see it" situations.

And I knew it when I saw this cute red/ivory block print option from World Market. It's small at 4x6, but it will just cover the empty spot created between the crib, dresser and bed right in the center of the room. I think the small-scale pattern works great with my huge-scale Le Lac fabric and the reddish brown tones blend into the room really well. And the price of $70 was great (even though it's now $50 - even better).

World Market is not somewhere I often go for my home, but when I rediscover it every once in a while it has some great options. Here are some other rugs I really liked:

The smaller rugs, including the one for our nursery, would look great layered over a large natural rug...may still consider that but I'm happy to have serendipitously crossed this item off of my list.


  1. I often find things I like at WM and I am a sucker for anything block printed.
    Have I mentioned that I am super envious of your little nugget...its all about the Le Lac!

  2. Hey Daniela! Long time, no comment. I don't even know if I've extended congrats on your wee one. So exciting. And her nursery is going to be amazing with Le Lac (lucky girl), and that adorable rug. I love World Market but often forget to check out their rugs. Thanks for the reminder. And best wishes on the last couple of months of your pregnancy - I remember how difficult getting around was with your "bump" getting bigger by the day. Take care!


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