Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Crush

Meet Gus and Lula and their divine nursery. I spotted this image on 6th Street Design School last week and I can't stop thinking about it. Gus and Lula's mom Britt did a fantastic job pulling together this combination of aqua + jade + yellow. Isn't that couch a complete showstopper? And that couch will see many days beyond this nursery. And I adore the dual Jenny Lind cribs, which is the style I selected for my own nursery. And of course the tole chandelier is so perfect in cheery green. I love everything about this...including those babies!!!

LOTS of sewing on my to-do list this weekend...bed/crib skirts and curtains for the nursery. The task seems incredibly daunting, but I know I will feel great once it's done as it's a major step in completing the nursery. Hope you have a fantastic weekend and enjoy some Fall weather where you are...see you Monday!


  1. The window, every child deserves a window like that!

  2. Anonymous9/14/2012

    not impressed!! sorry.

  3. Have a wonderful weekend sewing! I remember making my girls their bumper pads and everything ... it was very satisfying ... when I was done!! Enjoy! xo

  4. D, do you know anything about that flower chandelier?

    1. Search "tole chandelier" on Etsy (in the vintage category) and you'll get lots of options!


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