Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Herend Royal Garden

I know the Prince William-Kate Middleton wedding hoopla has subsided but over the summer I had a run-in with their wedding china - Herend Royal Garden. Well, it's probably one of many china patterns they were gifted or selected for their nuptials but this pattern in particular is TO DIE FOR. I spotted it on display in a shop in South Carolina and I could not stop staring and coveting.

Lavender + green + gold + butterflies...

Here is what Herend says about the pattern:

"On the eve of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, Hungary formally
presented for the royal couple a set of Herend handcrafted and hand painted porcelain that was custom designed just for them. Called Royal Garden, the pattern is a modern interpretation of Herend’s classic Queen Victoria pattern that was first purchased in 1851 by its namesake upon seeing it in London at the first Great Exhibition, later to become known as the World’s Fair. In celebration of 2011 as the 160th anniversary of the Queen Victoria pattern, Herend created a new version specifically for the royal couple."

Herend's Queen Victoria was a finalist in my own wedding china selection so I have a soft spot in my heart for it, but Royal Garden takes it to a new level with its color combination. Recall that these are the exact hues of my dining room and my brain explodes thinking about how gorgeous this china would look in my possession.

Perhaps our little nuggetina will select Royal Garden as her own wedding china. Look at me...already projecting MY dreams on her...STOP IT, MOM!


  1. These are really nice!

  2. I love the colour scheme of this set! I grew up in Hungary, so I always had a great appreciation for Herend porcelain. There is another well known company in Hungary called Zsolnay Porcelain. I really like their work as it has a nice Art Nouveau touch. I have the link, but I didn't see any English option on their website.


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