Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Photo by William Waldron via Elle Decor

There is so much right with this corner in the New Orleans home of Julia Reed but let me outline my favorite details:

1. That enormous black baseboard. It's gorgeous and I love how it works in this image with the black door and against the brown tones of the wood. I enjoy thick baseboard but I rarely see it painted black, especially against a deep-hued wall color. It's a wonderful, gutsy detail.

2. The color combination of saturated green and golden yellow. I am usually opposed to green + yellow - it reminds me of my middle school gym uniform - but it's stunning in this setting and I find myself being drawn to it more and more. 

3. My favorite window treatment of curtains (subtly trimmed in green) + bamboo blinds is employed to great effect.

4. And I love how the bamboo blinds work with the delicate bamboo sofa/settee giving an airy feeling to an otherwise heavy, elegant space. The combination also adds the perfect dose of Chinoiserie.

5. The butterfly prints are perfect in color and scale and create a beautiful arrangement against the rich green wall.

And extra credit for the beautiful chest that anchors the corner. This room is so perfect that you can overlook the poor Photoshop job someone did at the top of the photo - near the crown molding. Wonder what they were trying to touch up?

What's your favorite part of this room? Or was it not to your liking?


  1. I love this corner, it is so warm. Especially like the gold drapery with the green walls and the prints! Hope you are doing well!

  2. My favorite part of this room is that I am stealing the black baseboard idea on the pea green wall for a problem corner that starts bothering me every fall because I have to live with it all winter. It has been pumpkin and for a short spell, mint, but this black baseboard is brilliant. I tell my customers, if they want Parisian apartment look, just add black bullion to green (velvet, tapestry drapes) so I already love that color combination. Thanks!

  3. Oh, ps, I love the little blue pillow against the settee.

  4. Anonymous9/25/2012

    The bad Photoshop'in detail is too funny and no surprise that your good eye would catch it. I agree, it seems odd, cause this room is so meticulously put together that there can't be water damage or peeling paint in that corner that they'd want to conceal. And that extra tall baseboard dressed in black is fabulous. I recall a design trick for increasing the height of the baseball is to install a small inexpensive piece of moulding 6" or more above your real baseboard, then paint the new mould, the exposed wall, and the real baseboard all one color ... looks like one big baseboard. Been staring at my dining area all morning thinking about that, hmmm.


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