Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coleen and Company Lighting

If money grew on trees, this AMAZING red tole sconce by Coleen & Company would make an appearance in our nursery:

It's called the Tole Tent Lantern Sconce and it embodies the look and feel I'm going for in that room.'s STUNNING, isn't it?

And since we have a money tree in the backyard in this scenario, I might also get the Scalloped Lantern for the room's hanging fixture:

This fixture comes in SO many gorgeous colors including peacock, pink and tortoise.

I'm absolutely smitten with Coleen & Company's lighting. Just look at this Raj Lantern:

And they have a tortoise finish, which is awesome...seen here in the Scalloped Lantern Sconce:

But alas, these are fantasy pieces...not in any kind of price range I could actually afford. BOO. I am blessed beyond blessed in my life (beyond blessed) but sometimes I wish I had a stack of mad money to spend on beautiful items like this!


  1. You and me both. Sigh Well a girl can always dream. The fixtures are truly gorgeous. Can't wait to see what alternatives you find. As always, thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness. Love Love love these lanterns, thanks for sharing! Amal

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