Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Pillowed Bed

You guys, I LOVE this bedroom. I love it. Love it.

Home of Tessa from Nine & Sixteen who collaborated with Holly from Holly Mathis Interiors via Maddie G Designs

The buffalo check pillows, the (I think) Thibaut wallpaper, the monograms, the white linens, the sconces, the rustic sideboard....the amazingness just does not stop. I would LOVE a bedroom like this for our master. This is kind of what I was going for but so far it's fallen a bit flat. It's just not as soft and inviting as this room.

Yesterday I confessed that I love the look of a bumper-less crib...well today I'm confessing that I love the look of all of these pillows. I'm usually one who goes for one large accent pillow on a bed and that's it. Eleventy-billion pillows on a bed kind of stresses me out but for some reason, in this photo, I'm completely drinking the kool-aid. I love how beautiful this looks.

I may need to recreate this...


  1. I love it too Daniela!! Looks so inviting doesn't it?

  2. Elise H.7/17/2012

    I also love this. Want to climb right in that bed. Love the dresser. It looks clean and simple without looking sterile or too "done."

  3. Just Beautiful! Have a lovely week xx


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